Our Services

Market Research

Primary research studies and audience analysis. We also have many professional connections.

Test Marketing

The lowest risk test marketing through crowdfunding

Creation of Business Plan

Supporting you regarding improvement/development of your reputation and brand


Social media, Internet news site, and exhibitions

Strong Sales

Various distribute channels such as retailers and E-commerce

Event Promotion

We can drive traffic to your events via email and telemarketing depending on your marketing objectives.

Business Process Flows

Step 1
We find innovative and brand new items from all over the world
Step 2
We contact overseas suppliers and negotiate with them about exclusive rights to sell the items on crowdfunding websites in Japan for test marketing
Step 3
We will launch a project of the items on crowdfunding websites in Japan
Step 4
We will start promotion to sell the items through social media, internet news site, and exhibitions
Step 5
After finishing the project on crowdfunding website in Japan, we will inform the supplier of the number of the items we will place an order
Step 6
After we finish delivering the items to consumers, your company and we will discuss next step such as selling the items to other channels in Japan