Started selling “BELTLUV”, that innovative function makes you feel more comfortable.

|Published on: 13 June 2020|

Brand New Trading Inc. started selling “The Belt Revolution! High performance and Luxury. Brand new belt “Beltluv” from June 13, 2020 to 10 August 2020 on the crowdfunding website; Makuake. 
[Patented in Korea:10-1869200, PCT:KR2019/000330]
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A high-performance, luxury leather belt that fits exactly where you want it.
This Is Beltluv.

I use this belt casually, but I wonder if this is a problem.

  • I need to adjust my belt by looping and fastening when I use a general belt, which is a pain in the neck…
  • I want to loosen my belt just a little bit while eating and drinking at a party…
  • A general belt doesn’t fit smoothly when I’m in a hurry, which makes me frustrated!!!

No worry! Beltluv can solve these problems!

4 features of Beltluv

1. Not only Luxurious, but also Functional belt

The belt is made of natural leather; cowhide, so it looks very stylish.
Moreover you will be surprised at the fit.

2. Functionality in pursuit of ease of use

If you use a general belt, you need to adjust your belt by looping and fastening and its hole is about 25 mm apart, but the “Beltluv” can be adjusted from 1 mm.

3. Tailored for a special gift

The stylish leather belt conveys joy over the price to the other person, so Beltluv is the perfect gift for loved ones and close friends.
Why not present Beltluv for a birthday or a thank-you gift?

4. Available in 2 colors, 2 buckles and 2 belt widths

【Product Summary】


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